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The "Tehnoclim Service" Ltd.(TERMO) is a company founded in 2003, whose fields of activity are heating, air conditioning-, water- and sewerage systems. In 2006 the Tehnoclim Service has concluded the first contracts with some of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in Italy, and today it focuses only on high-quality products imported directly from the most renowned manufacturers in Europ (De Longhi, Cordivari, Lamborghini, Commisa, Itap, CLAM, Unidelta, NIBE, etc.).

Since 2007 Tehnoclim Service has begun to start the promotion of efficient energy products and technologies that uses renewable resources such as solar, water, air and earth energy. Currently about 60 percent of the entire range of the Tehnoclim Service products are categorized as efficient energy products: heat pumps, condensing boilers, biomass boilers, solar collectors, etc.

At the same period, was laid the foundation of long-term partnerships which is based on loyalty and mutual trust, in this order the main argument over competitors being the quality of our products and services. Till present the Tehnoclim Service has concluded many long-term cooperation agreements with important construction companies, designers and architects that works on the Moldavian market.

The Tehnoclim Service proposes a wide range of products and equipments, offers designer services of heating systems, installation-, maintenance-, warranty- and post warranty services. The company activity is provided by a well trained staff that is ready to exceed customer expectations and it ensures the best running and lasting installations.