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Polyethylene pipe and fittings

Pipes and fitting from polyethylene in Chisinau

Polyethylene pipes began to attract more and more attention, and the national costumer carefully studied all the positive qualities of this type of material. All this happened because of metal pipes, developed many decades ago and through which water was supplied, but also which were very outdated morally and technically.

For the production of polyethylene pipes in Moldova, is used low-pressure plastic. The areas of its use are quite different. This may be the provision of water supply in homes, arrangement of irrigation systems, sewage communications of varying complexity.

The basic separation of polyethylene pipe in Chisinau is by color:

  • Grey pipes - for installation work of sewage systems;
  • Black pipes with blue stripes - for supplying cold, drinking or sewage water;
  • Grey pipes with yellow stripes - to build a gas supply;
  • Blue pipes - for the supply of clean drinking water.

Therefore, the price of polyethylene pipes in Moldova is interesting to the mass consumer.

Like any product in this world, presented on a wide market, pipes have their own markings, model series and other components. After that, to buy pipes made of polyethylene in Chisinau will not be difficult. The importance has a preliminary calculation and miscalculation, as well as accurate measurements, the number of joints, etc.

There are a huge number of them on the market and in very different price categories, but to buy polyethylene fittings in Moldova, you also need a reliable supplier who is responsible with his name for quality assurance. Therefore, in our online store you can always find what you need and at reasonable prices.

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