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Filtration systems and reservoirs

Filtration system and tanks in Moldova

Filtration system became popular and year by year its popularity is increasing even more. Filtration of water is an actual thing not only in big cities, where water is supplied through worn-out pipes, but in countryside as well, people that take water from ecologically clean places.

Such a task requires special filters. Filters with reverse osmosis in Chisinau, are the ideal solution for the purification of water. Filters clean the water, and impurities are flushed in the sewer. This is realized with help of a special membrane, which ”squeezes” the water.

All the good purification systems, that possess reverse osmosis, have filter tanks in Moldova for water supply in the opposite turn. Such a system is composed of basic equipment, which includes:

  • Special cartridges for preliminary cleaning,
  • Reverse osmosis membrane,
  • Filter.

Due to the quality of water we more and more want to install a high precision cleaner for the filtration system in Chisinau. In order to choose the right filter we must determine, what is flowing through the pipes and we must understand how the cleaning process works.

Our specialists that work at our store have been trained in product assortment and they can easily answer to all your questions. Because of this you won’t regret that you choose our store, when you were buying the filtration system in Moldova at affordable price.

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