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Ball valves and fittings in Chisinau

Technologies improve very fast, and that is why materials used in production serve well in any pipe line medium, not only in house water pipes, gas pipes but in oil industry, heating of factories and facilities as well. Ball valves are one of the most important types of pipelines, which perform two actions, and specifically locking and adjustment of the flow.

The most important part of a valve, on which depends the exploatation period and quality, is the ball shutter in Moldova, which looks like a sphere. On the market there are many variations of this sphere in terms of coverage, composition of the metal and limitation of the flow. Radiator valves are also present in stock.

By it's form ball valves in Chisinau are divided in full bore and pressure reductive. First differ by the fact that in opened mode the diameter of the passage is equivalent to the diameter of the pipe, in which is installed. That’s why ball valves are significantly different from other types of shutter fittings.

Ball valves prices in Moldova are affordable only in our store, because we collaborate with the manufacturer directly. Wide range of them are available in our online store. We have flanged, coupling, combined and others on demand. Buy from trustworthy providers, which you can count on them, they offer warranty and all the necessary service.

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