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Pumps, expansion vessels

Pumps and expansion tanks in Chisinau

Home heating is the primary task for any person during the cold season of the year. That’s why circulator pumps and expansion tanks are required if you repair or build the house before cold weather hits.

Usually circulator pumps in Moldova work from a standard outlet. Many say, that pumps must be installed only in big heating systems, but it’s not true. Pump should always be present, because it distributes correctly and uniform the pressure in system. Due to this all your pipes won’t overheat in one side, and in the another one won’t lose its energy efficiency.

House circulator pump in Chisinau performs one single funtion - it drives off the water. At the same time modern heating systems for home require some mandatory components to work effectively and safely. One of these elements is the expansion tank in Moldova. It's main task is to prevent the destruction of the system, because water when heated increases its volume by 0,3%.

We work directly with manufacturers, we offer service maintenance if you need it. In our store we have a wide range of products from this category, due to this you can buy circulator pumps in Chisinau without any difficulties. We have our storage facilities and the necessary inventory supply.

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