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Insulation and sound insulation

Insulation system and soundproofing in Chisinau

Modern life is way to active now. Fast movement, noisy cars, overpopulated cities. Noises are always surrounding modern humans. That is why insulation system in Moldova is needed, it lowers the noise level in water pipes and in sewer lines.

There are two solutions for this problem. First solution means use of low noise pipes, while the second one, is to use insulation materials in Chisinau. But we have to acknowledge that we can not get rig of noises entirely. Also, things like reliability and environmental friendliness should also be considered.

Exists one simple way, where at first vibrations are absorbed, then even distribution of sound on all the ware’s surface is ensured. In this way noises are reduced to 30 decibels. Soundproofing in Moldova represents the creation of a sound barrier, that consists of 2 steps:

  • First layer of synthetic rubber is applied
  • Then the second layer of thermoplastic elastomer is installed, which is a high quality waterproof material.

We recommend to pay attention to our online store, where our fair price for the insulation system in Chisinau, in comparison to our competitors, is available in a wide range. This is determined by many factors and first of all it is the quality of material, that it is used in production, as well as the warranty period, delivery and shipment periods.

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