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Only in our store! Filter with auto-cleaning which saves from frequent plumbing call!

by Администратор Главный

Why it is necessary to set the filter at the entrance of water in an apartment or house ? It happens very often that they close the water for some repairs in the vicinity. After this, when opening any mixer, we observe dirt flowing out, which eventually clogs all the filters in the house (filters in front of the boilers, filters of water meters, etc.). Very often, these small filters are in a hard-to-reach place and most likely they cannot be cleaned by themselves. Have to call a good plumber who is not always free or can not come on the first call. To avoid this fate, buy and install this auto-cleaning filter. Drain dirt from it by opening the drain valve and enjoy your business without the above concerns. You will always know how dirty your filter is with the help of two gauges installed on it. Convenient and practical, for little money.

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